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Shalom My Song Shall Rise The Joy Of Christmas
Timeless classics including "The Exodus Song" bring together a powerful and inspiring collection that is sure to minister "Shalom" to you.
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My Song Shall Rise
Don Shares songs with a fresh power and life that is sure to bring you into the presence of the Lord. Featuring songs "All Rise" and "The Lord's Prayer".
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The Joy Of Christmas
No other time of the year do we enjoy celebrating more than at Christmas. Join Don in a festive and worshipful time of remembering the greatest gift of all, Jesus.
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Cornerstone He is The King Spiritsong
We all need to be built on a solid foundation. Cornerstone brings you songs of faith and inspiration that will keep you standing firm. Featuring songs like He Is Jehovah, He's Alive and many others.
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He is The King
We serve a magnificent, powerful and loving Savior. He is the King will bring you into His presence in a powerful way with songs like My Tribute, How Majestic Is Thy Name, We Shall Behold Him and many others.
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Join Don in a unique time of ministry.
Spiritsong takes you into a spontaneous song in the Spirit
to help bring the ministry and encouragement of the Holy Spirit
into your special moments of prayertime and devotion.
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The Redemption of Music AudiobookThe Redemption of Music Audiobook The role music plays in the church today can be a mystery. In the audiobook Don brings to life the words on the printed page to give you a better understanind of the principles related in his published book The Redemption of Music. The audiobook version is ideal for listening on the go and will be a useful resource in your devotional time.
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